axel_0037In the late 1970s, Odeon’s founder and CEO Axel Gersdorff started to develop loudspeaker systems, because he could not find the right loudspeakers for himself. Already his first experiments became local bestsellers. In 1987, he founded ARS-Elektroakustik to professionally design and manufacture studio and high-end audio products. Soon Mr. Gersdorff began to experiment with horn loudspeakers. The goal was to overcome the common weak points of the horn concept.

In 1990, he succeeded: Mr Gersdorff developed special spherical horns which were made out of massive plywood – a resonance free material – and had a unique horn curve. This was the Beginning of the Odeon producline. The first Odeon generation was launched 1993 and became a global success, especially in Japan and Korea.

In 2001, the second generation of the Odeon loudspeakers was launched. It was first presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and shortly thereafter at the High End in Frankfurt. The second generation had a new design, improved qualities, and opened a new chapter in the success story called „Odeon“.

It took over 12 years of engineering to come up with something even better. This new third generation is state of the art and uses advanced technology to make music reproduction a new experience.

The global audio press stresses out that the Odeon horn loudspeakers have an extraordinary quality and match the highest standards. All Odeon loudspeakers are dedicated to true music lovers who don’t want to compromise.