The Fidelio is Odeon’s entrance into the world of High End. By distilling 25 years of engineering expertise, Mr. Gersdorff has developed a budget loudspeaker in a class of its own. The Fidelio is a classic two-way-system with advanced technology. The drivers are of the best quality: For a very high resolution the 25 mm Audax silk dome tweeters are mounted into 17cm massive wooden spherical horns. The 18 cm Scan Speak high-efficiency mid/bass drivers are able to reproduce finest details, but also attack and punch. The Fidelio offers audiophile, lifelike music reproduction for a small budget. Like all Odeon products the Fidelio is manufactured by hand in Germany by the best craftsmen and comes with a five year warranty.

Technische Daten:

System 25 mm Gewebe-Hochtöner
im 17 cm Kugelwellen-Horn;
17 cm Tief-Mitteltöner
mit beschichteter Papiermembrane
Prinzip 2-Wege Bass-Reflex
Trennfrequenz 2.200 hz
Frequenzgang +/- 3 db 40 – 21.000 hz
Impedanz 8 Ohm
Empfindlichkeit 90 db
Abmessungen (HxBxT) 102 cm x 19 cm x 24 cm
Gewicht/Stück 17,5 kg