The Odeon Midas is a new high efficiency (95 dB) two-way-system that offers audiophile music reproduction by using advanced technology. For highest resolution, the 25mm Audax silk dome tweeters are mounted into 17cm wooden spherical horns. Each speaker has two 18 cm Scan Speak high-efficiency mid/bass drivers with ultra light weight cones for improved dynamics and to reproduce even more details. Due to the perfect match of all drivers this loudspeaker works resistor free. This enables the the silk dome tweeters to work even faster and more precise then ever before.

The Midas offers a very homogeneous soundstage and a lifelike music reproduction that sets new standards in its price range. Like all Odeon products, the Midas is manufactured by hand in Germany by the best craftsmen and comes with a five year warranty.


System 25mm Gewebe-Hochtönerim 17 cm Kugelwellen-Horn2 x 18cm Tief-Mittel-Tönermit beschichteter Papiermembrane
Prinzip 2-Wege Bass-Reflex (TPS)
Trennfrequenz 2.200 hz
Frequenzgang +/- 3 db 39 – 21.000 hz
Impedanz 6 Ohm
Empfindlichkeit 95 db
Abmessungen (HxBxT) 104 cm x 19,5 cm x 32 cm
Gewicht/Stück 25 kg