Tosca 2020

Tosca 2020 is characterized by a combination of proven bass- midrange drive units
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Now in its third generation, the Tosca 2020 is characterized by a combination of proven bass- midrange drive units, a newly developed compression driver tweeter and a multiplex cabinet. The balance between dynamics and tonality is unique. Despite its dainty dimensions, the largest two- way floor standing loudspeaker impresses with a powerful bass foundation combined with high speed and breathtaking fine detail. This tuning allows a wide range of different amplifier concepts, with the Tosca 2020 clearly emphasizing the sonic characteristics of all components.

To keep the deviations between the channels as small as possible, we use selected components for the crossovers with a maximum deviation of only one percent. Only non-aging components (foil capacitors) are used. The Tosca 2020 works with highly acclaimed Wima capacitors. The inherent sound of these capacitors expands the sonic image and harmonizes perfectly with the sound character of the tweeters. The particularly low-impedance flat-wire coils come from Mundorf and support the extremely fast and detailed bass range of the loudspeaker. In most loudspeakers in the high-end range, the crossovers are built on Pertinax boards and the individual components are connected by conductor solder paths. In contrast, the crossovers of the Midas are wired by hand, soldered point to point and then mechanically secured to avoid movement of the sensitive components and thus negative influences on the sound. The point-to-point wiring minimizes electrical variations in the signal path. Highly regarded point to point wiring is a quality feature in high-quality tube amplifiers but rarely implemented in loudspeaker construction except as consistently as in ODEON AUDIO products.

Like all ODEON AUDIO floor standing loudspeakers, the Tosca 2020 works with a down firing bass reflex system in which the bass reflex tunnel of the Tosca 2020 points downwards to the base plate of the speaker. The downward orientation of the reflex tunnel makes it easier to integrate into the living room. Every room has acoustic characteristics, so-called room modes. As a result, strong peaks in the bass range often occur. The downward firing bass reflex system stimulates these room modes much less than conventional solutions in which the reflex port points backwards towards the rear wall. The Odeon bass system allows the Tosca 2020 to be positioned close to the wall. The alignment of the tunnels in the downward firing bass-reflex system also enhances the mid-range reproduction, since the escaping of mid-range sounds through the bass port are prevented. A further decisive advantage of the downward firing bass reflex system is the shorter reflex tubes made possible by the floor coupling. These ensure less energetic noises going through the port openings.

The cabinet material is a decisive factor in the sonic properties of low and mid-range reproduction. Reduction of any disturbing resonances and coloration effects of the cabinet is of ultimate importance to any Odeon cabinet. Multiplex layering is the preferred material when it comes to implementing special loudspeaker concepts. The plywood, which consists of many cross-glued individual veneer sheets, is particularly stiff and therefore very low in resonance. The cabinet of the Tosca 2020 is made of 20mm thick multiplex layers. This achieves maximum stiffness, allowing a very accurate and deep bass foundation to be produced. In narrow loudspeaker cabinets, so-called standing waves normally occur. These have a negative effect on the basic sound characteristics. In order to eliminate these, we use a special filter system (Helmholz resonator) in the base area of the loudspeaker to maintain a maximum quality.

The handmade mid-bass drivers used from the renowned Danish company Scan Speak are made of a wood fiber material and are equipped with an oversized magnet. The wood fiber cone provides higher stiffness compared to a conventional paper cone, which allows a deeper and more substantial bass reproduction for the same size diaphragm. This characteristic is supported by the special NAWI (non-unwind able) membrane shape. This NAWI shape, in contrast to the conventional cone-shaped diaphragm, ensures more even movement and loading of the diaphragm under heavy load, thus preventing parasitic vibrations that can lead to cancellation effects. In addition, the fine centering and the double-corrugated rubber surround ensure outstanding midrange characteristics that distinguish this system.

A new generation of one-inch compression drivers from Italian production is used as tweeter. The used Mylar diaphragm of the tweeter is driven by a particularly strong neodymium magnet, which guides the voice coil with a magnetic force of two Tesla. The result is a system that guarantees highest resolution. A special quality lies in the reproduction of the highest frequency range. With a linear transmission of more than 25,000 Hz, the Tosca 2020 covers a frequency band that is significantly extended. These qualities are enhanced by the use of the ODEON AUDIO spherical wave horn made of birch plywood. The 17 cm measuring horn functions as a mechanical amplifier which relieves the tweeter of any added stress and thus contributes decisively to a relaxed sound character with the highest possible resolution.

The Tosca 2020 uses a particularly pure oxidation-free copper cabling (OFC) from German production. The multiple mechanical shielding of the tweeter cable virtually eliminates all microphonic effects. This cable quality is otherwise only used in recording studios. To ensure distortion free contact, the Tosca 2020 uses WBT Nextgen loudspeaker terminals made of pure, gold-plated copper. Due to their design and the low material usage, they suppress eddy current effects that usually occur with plug connections. The WBT terminals are mounted on acrylic panels that accommodate the complete crossover, thus enabling a direct connection between terminals and crossover. Large metal connections are deliberately excluded as a carrier material, since this has a negative effect on the function of the crossover components during operation.

Dimensions: 111,5cm (H) x 21cm (W) x 44cm (D) /32Kg
Frequency Range: 34-24.500hz
Sensitivity: 93,5db / 6 Ohms
X-over: 2.400hz

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